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Most often, people need to take out a loan to purchase a home. Before you even begin to look at potential homes, it is important to get approved for a loan first. This will help in guiding you in the right direction for what types of homes and in what locations are in your affordable price range. I usually suggest using a lender that you are already familiar with, such as your current banker. However, there are plenty of trusted lenders that can be recommended by an agent.


Get a Credit Check

Your credit is very important when applying for a loan. Your credit score helps determine interest rates. Therefore, the higher the score, the lower the rate. It is crucial that you get your credit checked by multiple sources because reports can and may vary, slightly.

Price Range

As we all know, it's all about location! You'll need to make sure you stay realistic in terms of budget when considering a desireable place to live. Once you know your range, an agent can help make the most out of your money!


Suburban house


Close to the city


Finding the perfect home usually requires a long list of wants. Not only does the home itself have to fit a criteria, the location and surrounding areas often play a big part in the search, as well. Some things to consider: what school district does the home fall under? How far is it from other family and friends? What does the commute to work look like? Close to the city or secluded in the country? The style of the home and in what type of neighborhood? New contstruction or fixer uppers? Parking? These are all important things to consider. However, having a professional do this research for you can simplify the process. An agent is also up to date on the latest market trends and will be able to assist in making an offer with the best chance of being accepted.

When the offer is accepted

Once your offer is accepted, there will be an opportunity for the house to have a professional inspection. If everything is in good condition, per your standards, the terms of the loan will be verified and papers will be signed. Having an agent is beneficial during this process, for they can help guide you in making informed decisions and answer any questions that may arrise during the process.

Time to move!

Thanks for reading! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Happy Searching.

- Whitney

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